IBM’s intention to expand operations in India; hints CEO Arvind Krishna

New Delhi: On Tuesday, Arvind Krishna, IBM CEO reiterated that the company is on the path of expanding its operations in India. The tech giant IBM has incredibly focus in the country for expanding, says Arvind.

Currently, there are 380,000 employees that IMB employs which services clients in 170 countries and US has the highest number of IBM workers, whereas India stands at second number in the list. The company had 26 years before launched it first office in the country for key research and innovation.

During a virtual meeting interaction, Arvind Krishna said, ““We have a lot of collaborations in India and the regulatory framework promotes export of our services from the country,” “We are really proud that we provide services to the country’s private sector banks, public sector banks, telecom companies and organisations in various other sectors,” 

 He further emphasised, on company’s plans for expanding its services in the country, “The Indian market is very vibrant. To leverage this market further, organisations will have to have robust digital infrastructure which present an opportunity for us, as without digital infrastructure, organisations will find it hard to take their services to wider audience,”

However, as IBM created a new company, its separate leadership team will be soon installed in country, according to Krishna. He further said that people who are currently working for IBM India has nothing to fear about new company as he is expecting employees to be accommodated in one company of the other.

“I do not expect the creation of the new company to have any material impact in India,” Krishna had told reporters in a call, adding that there will be nothing “controversial”.

“This is not a restructuring, this is a spin out,” he said. The yet to be named new company is currently codenamed “NewCo”. Krishna, an alumnus of IIT, Kanpur, guides IBM’s overall strategy in core and emerging technologies which includes, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, nanotechnology and many more.

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