Apple to introduce more stiff and durable Lightning cables

Washington: Apple is working on more durable lightning cables. American multinational technology company announced that they are currently working on new more durable lightning cables for much needed increased wear and tear.

Mashable reported that, the Apple is planning to increase thickness of the lightning cable which is not going to be sufficient enough for creating any impact on increasing its lifespan.

Previously, the company did release thicker cables that were good with wear and tear for longer period of time but the ca les didn’t fit into iPhone stands and cases which became a big drawback for this solution.

However, the new solution by Apple is built on the idea of ‘strain relief’ a; in ta patent filing, the company stated that “the stiff material creates a localized increase in the bending resistance of the cable, thereby relieving strain on the ire connections. In addition to making the cable locally stiffer, the strain relief also makes the cable thicker at the ends. In some instances, the added thickness may not be desired.”

Mashable also reported that the multinational technology giant aims to use cable sleeve with stiffness at different distances. It is also likely to introduce a higher bending tolerance at the cables’ ends near the Lighting port. This may be an attempt by the company to reduce electronic waste due to Lightning cables.

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