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“Randhir Kapoor fill in details after the tragic death of his brother Rajiv Kapoor”

So, what exactly happened on Tuesday, February 9?

In a recent interview, Randhir Kapoor has shared what exactly happened with brother Rajiv Kapoor on February 9. Randhir said, that his nurse went to wake up Rajiv in the morning at about 7:30 am but he did not respond. Soon, the nurse detected that Rajiv’s pulse was very low and dropping further. Later, he was rushed to the hospital but all the efforts got failed, Said Randhir.

Rajiv Kapoor had shifted into the RK residence in Chembur to stay with his brother Randhir Kapoor during the lockdown. The two of them then lost Rishi Kapoor (April 30, 2020) who was undergoing treatment for cancer, and now Rajiv Kapoor (February 9, 2021) has also left the world of the living after a cardiac arrest.

Veteran actor Randhir Kapoor has lost four close people from his family. Now recently, while speaking with ETimes, Randhir Kapoor told, “I don’t know what’s happening. I was equally close to Rishi and Rajiv. I have lost four people from my family–my mother Krishna Kapoor (October 2018), eldest sister Ritu (January 14, 2020), Rishi and now Rajiv. These four were my central core, with whom I did most of my talking.” How’s he coping up? “Do I have any option? What can I do? What has to happen will happen,”

Later, Randhir also conveyed that his late brother Rajiv was a very gentle and extremely jovial person. He had no medical history. His health was simply fine; he had no problems whatsoever. Randhir also pointed out that Rajiv was also not stressed out about anything.

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