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“Mother of Khai- ‘Gigi Hadid’ talked about all the rumors that spread about her Plastic Surgery”

Gigi Hadid spoke about, How people look at her changes in facial expressions.

‘Rumors about Gigi having Plastic Surgeries’

Khai was born in the month of September,2020. And since then, The Model,Gigi hadid have been in flashlight. Recently, Gigi had also been a part of ‘Vogue Cover’

Gigi have also talked, about how people often assumed she had undergone plastic surgery. However, said she has “NEVER” done anything to her face. Further she also told, it was her makeup that made all the difference in her face.

The 25-year-old spoke about it as part of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets YouTube series. She also told about how she had to do her own makeup at the beginning of her career as she did not have any makeup artist back then.

“When I look back on my first red carpets when I didn’t have makeup artists I would obviously do my own makeup. Now it’s like, people pull up those pictures and are like, ‘Oh, Gigi’s nose looks different in these pictures than now’,” She also herd people saying.. “Like, ‘This has changed on Gigi.’ It’s really like, that’s the power of makeup. Like, I’ve never done anything to my face… I would just put it everywhere. Then it just looks, it’s all one shape.”

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