Final production batch of LRSAM Missiles flagged off at DRDL, APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex

Hyderabad: On Sunday, the final production batch of Long-Range Surface to Air Missiles (LRSAM), flagged off at DRDL, APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex. LRSAM is  designed and developed by DRDO in collaboration with various industrial partners and integrated by BDL.

LRSAM is joint initiative and developed by DRDO and IAI Israel, which will help to equip latest ships of Indian Navy. This new LARSAM missile system will be able to provide point and areas of defense against aerial targets. These various aerial targets include fighter aircraft, subsonic and supersonic cruise missiles.

A press release said that the missile is powered by indigenously developed dual-phase rocket motor and dual control system to impart required maneuverability at the terminal phase. Active Radio Frequency seeker is designed to use for state of art weapon system which will identify, track, engage and destroy the target.

However, the final production of the weapon system and its delivery to Indian Navy has been completed successfully. The end-to-end performance of the missile system has been successfully demonstrated in number of user flight trails from Indian Navy ships.

G Satheesh Reddy, Secretary, DDR&D, applauded the efforts of Missile System Quality Assurance Agency, DG (NAI) for streamlining the production at different industrial scale across India and for delivering of missile with aerospace quality standards. He further highlighted the importance of indigenous production efforts and complemented the industries which are helping in reaching the goal of ‘Make in India’ with successful manufacturing and execution of production orders.

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