Covid-19: Holi celebrations on grand scale amid forgotten Covid-19 fears

Hyderabad: The Holi celebrations were seen on a large scale on Monday, despite of fears of increase in Covid-19 cases across the State.

Even though the State government had issued warnings for avoid any large number of gatherings for religious purpose, people choose to ignore them and came out in large numbers across the city to celebrate Holi festival.

The State government to contain the surge of new infections in the State had announced many restrictions aimed solely to curb the virus in Telangana. Following which many party plans and events related to Holi celebrations were cancelled at different venues across the city.

However, several people chose to ignore the warnings of State government, and chose to roam around without following any safety norms of Covid-19, like maintaining social distancing or wearing of face masks.

In various parts across the city, people were seen in large numbers in gatherings for playing Holi. In some streets, local people played music to add to the mood of the festival. Many children, youngsters and adults were gathered with their neighbors and were seen playing with water and colors on the streets.

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