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India’s first gov run ambulance network for animals soon to be launch in Andhra

Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh government announced to set up ‘India’s first government-run ambulance network’ for animals. The new initiative is made in order to further boost the animal husbandry and veterinary sector in the State.

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has reportedly made this initiative to help and reach out to distressed animals by providing them proper healthcare.

The Chief Minister Office, said that the Animal Husbandry Department has been instructed to set up one Mobile Ambulance Veterinary Clinic at every assembly constituency. And a total of 175 mobile ambulances clinics will be likely to placed at Assembly Constituency  Level.

The 108-line Services will be provided for Veterinary services at the doorstep, along with 24/7 toll free call centers. These mobile ambulances will be providing first aid services and also look for spot diagnoses and emergency cases.

Another major facility of these mobile ambulances will be ‘Hydraulic lift’ which is used for in case of emergency to lift and shift the animals to nearest government run Veterinary Facility.

In each of these ambulances, the staff will be consisting of one veterinary doctor and one para-veterinary worker.

The Chief Minister was further briefed by the Department of Animal Husbandry about present number of veterinary dispensaries in the State which is around 1,576 in total, with 1,376 veterinary doctors.

YS Reddy further stated that for better functioning and treatment, the initiative requires more veterinary doctors and for proper supply of medications, the CM had further directed the officials to ensure that quality medicines should be provided to animals.

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